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  1. Preview | Goodbye Goblins and 2X Lightbearer Points

    Greetings Legends! Congrats on nearly thwarting the Goblin invasion for another year! You're almost there. The Goblin Event will end on Thursday 7/11/2019 and will go into cooldown for 3 days, ending...
  2. Somberholt expansion review: -Somberholt...

    Somberholt expansion review:

    -Somberholt lockeds came in a variety, ranging from small, large and massive. it had good pet eggs, arcane crafting material for arcane armor, (that is obtained from...
  3. Thread: hehe memes

    by marzeg

    hehe memes

    Hehe.. AL such a silly game sometimes.


  4. Sticky: Warning: Do Not Try to Buy Items or Gold for Real World Cash. You'll Only Get Scammed

    I want to repost a recent Private Message I received (with names removed):

    While the person doing the scamming will likely lose access to our games, they still have taken off with this...
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