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  1. Would love to see again players design the lb...

    Would love to see again players design the lb banner and back, was fun to see the vast creative ideas but this time. The devs can animate the ideas and let us the players vote on our favorite's.
  2. Preview - 2x Hauntlet Tokens this Week in Arcane Legends!



    2x Hauntlet Tokens this Week

    It’s been an action packed few weeks in Arlor! This week, time to sit back, enjoy the spoils of the last few events and—run some...
  3. Potential weapon candidates for an Underwater “Atlantis” Expansion

    Over the years, some of PL’s great content has been added through community design contests (and more recently, through suggestions from the community). Just for example, in the spring of 2012, Sam...
  4. Replies

    All Or Nothing STS

    The towns used to be full. forest haven especially. all I see is one player in forest haven, and hes probably struggling to understand the game. This next cap is all or nothing. if it bombs, this...
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