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    Sticky: 2021-06-11 Content Update (283902)

    + Wearing all three pieces of the Dark Harbinger or Luminary Angel sets will summon a special aura!
    + Limited quantities of the Dark Harbinger and Luminary Angel aura wisps will be on sale in the...
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    Sticky: Preview - Return of the Forgotten Vanity Event!

    Is there a vanity you've always wanted but it's been lost to time? All but erased from the pages of Arlor history? Well, The Forgotten is headed back to Windmoore this week and may have something up...
  3. BONUS! 5/26/2021 | Weekend Sales + New Exclusive Sorcerer Vanity!

    You may have already seen that the Gauntlet returns this week, but that's not all! There are some special sales going on this weekend, Saturday 5/29 - Sunday 5/30.

    First, if you haven't gotten...
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    BONUS Preview 5/19/21 | Expansion Sneak Peek!

    Legends, are you ready? The new expansion is in the works and this time we're diving deep into the depths of the ocean surrounding Arlor.

    In this clip, we explore...
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    House Party 2021: BLOTTO'S RETURN!

    It's party time again! With Arlor's most famous party crasher.

    This week in Arcane Legends, it's time to take a break from adventuring and party hard! But be careful, there's a party crasher...
  6. Preview - Ursoth's Assault 2021! Return to Elondria!


    Elondria is under attack again!

    It's as we all feared. Ursoth is back and has opened a portal to assault Arlor from his native realm of Elondria. An Orc Blood shaman named Bloodgrub...
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    2021-04-28 Content Update (282975)

    + The Honor CTF mini-event returns for one week starting April 29th at 1:30pm Central!
    + Equip your Honor Gear and hop through the PvP Portal in Vardan Valley to compete.
    + Try out the new Guild...
  8. Yes +1000, this tiny weapons are annoying. All...

    Yes +1000, this tiny weapons are annoying. All event we getting little things, which looks awful :c.
  9. is this a new thing...Why r "weepons" too...

    is this a new thing...Why r "weepons" too small....on a small screen they are smaller...and detail is 2 smalls don't make a right XD
  10. Preview 4/21/21 | Goblin Event Continues! + New Vanity Sneak Peek

    The Goblin Event Continues...

    This week in Arcane Legends, you have just 8 more days to vanquish the goblin horde and collect your spoils. In addition, we have one last weekend sale come at you...
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    Nothing has changed on our end in regards to...

    Nothing has changed on our end in regards to this. It sounds like you've got some setting either clearing site data on exit, or browsing in private mode or something. I don't use Opera, so I don't...
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    Preview 4/14/21 | The Goblin Event Returns!

    The goblins have returned. Littleridge needs your help!


    A goblin horde has invaded and is using a powerful and deadly poison to transform the helpless villagers into scary snarling...
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    Totally hear you on the roadmap! We have an...

    Totally hear you on the roadmap! We have an updated one going in with the next update. :)
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    Preview 4/7/21 | Monster Display Case Guide

    The Monster Display Case Mini-Event Begins Tomorrow!


    If you were in the forums on Friday, you know what’s coming! If you dream of having the likes of Lord Mardrom and Corvis (among...
  15. Preview 3/31/21 | Egg Hunt Continues + NEW Item Sneak Peek!


    How's the hunting, Legends?

    The Arlor Egg Hunt continues for another week, including some special sales for this weekend only! Make sure to check in on Saturday and Sunday, April 3 & 4...
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    Monster Display Case Furniture!

    Bonus Preview: You know what your house or guild hall might be missing? ....Bosses.

    There, I said it.

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    Season I of Rating Ranked guild system has been...

    Season I of Rating Ranked guild system has been introduced!

    All details are on our chat groups!

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    2021-03-24 Content Update (282115)

    + The Arlor Egg Hunt returns for two (2) weeks starting March 25th at 1:30PM Central, ending on April 8th.
    + Collect Easter Eggs, special Vanities, powerful Set items and more!
    + New banners are...
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    Fun with Bun-Bun! The Arlor Egg-Hunt Returns!!


    I hope you all aren't tired of eggs yet, because it's time to get crackin' on the Arlorian Egg Hunt! It's another year and another chance to kill the bad guys, smash the machines, find...
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    We did not list the eggs that Egg-Zavier can...

    We did not list the eggs that Egg-Zavier can drop. This will be discovered through the course of playing the event! :-)
  21. For those asking, sorry for the confusion! The...

    For those asking, sorry for the confusion! The current plan is for Eggzavier first, then Easter:

    Eggzavier: 3/18-3/25
    Egg Hunt: 4/1-4/15

    Of course, you all know I have to say everything is...
  22. Uuhh that elephant looks great! Maybe within time...

    Uuhh that elephant looks great! Maybe within time release also more real version grey/brown

    That set also looks nice!

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  23. Teaser Friday | The Arlorian Egg Hunt is On The Way!

    Famous for it's marathon of egg destruction and epic rewards, the Arlorian Egg Hunt is on its way!

    Here's a small sneak peek as some of the goodies you'll find this year. For example, the new...
  24. Preview 3/10/21 | St. Patrick's Day Continues! Weekend Sales

    Greetings, Legends!

    We hope the Luck of the Arlorians has been with you the last week as you've saved mead shipments and tackled leprechoblins. There's only one week left in the Magnus Meade...
  25. Upcoming Change to Minimum Required Version for Android

    A Special Message for Android Users
    Greetings, Legends!

    In order for us to stay current with upcoming requirements for the Google Play Store, we will be changing the minimum required...
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