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    Default Imagine

    Imagine all the people...

    Lol jk

    But imagine if PvP was:

    - you'd challenge a player to a battle

    - players accepts/declines

    - If player accepts, battle commences

    What battle would look like:

    - It would be real-time 1v1 (both players are on at the same time, and actively participating in the battle)

    - Both fortresses or bases or whatever you want to call it are now on the same map (Like a PvP arena)

    - 3, 2, 1, Go!

    - You have to send troops to their base to destroy it, while they do the same to you

    - In this mode (PvP Mode) you cannot make any purchases or upgrades, but only train dragons.

    - Whoever destroys Dragon Hall first or does the most damage % before the timer ends, wins!

    Wouldn't that be cool?! Like Halo Wars or Starcraft or something.

    Idk I was just thinking about how when my guardian timer ends, i'm open to attacks and i'm sad 'cause i don't want to lose my sheep

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    This is awesome! Honestly i kinda hoped it was like this, but i enjoy it either way
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