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    Default Hack/scam

    This is a message to the devs and anyother player. Recently I've been noticing that people are saying there acc are being hacked without then giving any info. This might be due to the hacking tool for computer that devs seem not to care about . I recommend to change your password every now and then to prevent it from being hacked. Also there are some people scamming others selling accounts that they don't even own ex. my account. I've already mssg devs and all they said after 7days of waiting well look into it. Dont trust anyone not even close friends you meet on the game as some just get close to scam. We need to have at least on dev come back into star legends to prevent any of this or you might see this game go down hill as it already is. I myself am thinking about quitting this nuthole of a game

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    This is untrue. The only way you can get hacked is if you give away your account information. Please stop spreading false rumors.
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    Need help? Please visit our Support Website at

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