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Thread: Dagger Animation Glitch/Bug/Thing

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    Question Dagger Animation Glitch/Bug/Thing

    So I was playing Pocket Legends when I came across a weapon called a Thin Dagger of Finesse, shown below:
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    It was better than my previous dagger, so I sold the old one and replaced it. Right away I saw that my character wouldn't swing the dagger, but the only thing my character did was stab with it.
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    I could not get a better picture because the game was not cooperating with me while trying to take a screenshot.
    As you can see, my character is not doing a swinging attack animation with the dagger; he is just sitting there as if I was not attacking the Croc, but he would do an occasional stab from time to time. Also you can see that the Croc dodged an attack, and he is recoiling. I have had this weapon on other classes, and it does the same thing, so it's not just with the Paladin(Rhino).

    I have been kicked out of games because people thought I was not attacking enemies and that I'm standing around hogging XP. I have also been yelled at by people for not attacking, even though I have explained that the weapon is glitched. Surely, people have posted something about this, and if they have, I am sorry for being redundant. Also I think there might be another/other weapon(s) that do this too, but I'm not going to try to find them all. All I am asking here is if this could be fixed in the next update.
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    Default Dagger Animation Glitch/Bug/Thing

    I've noticed the crystalline dagger has the same issue.

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    Swamp rats 35 dex set has same problem. And its an actual set not just random item!

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    Its been doing this since forever lol. I'd have to say its just from lag because when I have a perfect connection it doesn't do that.

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