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Thread: Why there Should be more better damage daggers

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    Default Why there Should be more better damage daggers

    we are forced to Have bows really I honestly think There need to be more damage daggers so we can not always use bows. The bow is only for BIrds
    I wish we could just have better daggers

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    Agreed on daggers, but the bow can be used by any of the classes, depending how you build your character. You can also make your fox str dex, so your able to use melee weapons and shield. This would be good since most of the foxes attacks are close range.

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    I get where you are coming from. However, I will say that skill damage is based on your weapon damage. Daggers have higher dps and lower damage than bows. Therefore, your skill damage will lower and your dps won't do much. :/ But I do agree that there should be higher damage daggers.

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