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Thread: Mythic Bow / Devourer Bow buff/nerf

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    Default Mythic Bow / Devourer Bow buff/nerf

    Am I the only one who thinks that this massive mythic buff was akin to hitting a small nail with a sledgehammer? The initial problem was that you guys were set on making mythics BIS 'through one expansion' and that your current trend of damage increase between weapons of each successive lvl was going to make that goal impossible.

    Just my two cents on the matter, but the buff solution was rather inelegant. You've absolutely destroyed PVP rogues with bonechill at 31 and you've made the mythics BIS at 36 by a massive margin.

    IMO 31 mythics should have stats just slightly better than the best 36 legendaries. They should continue to be BIS not because their stats blow the 36 pinks out of the water, but because their proc provides phenomenal benefits to oneself and one's party. In the case of mages and warrs this will still apply. The gun and the sword/shield have fantastic procs.

    The bow, however, does not. A CHANCE to create a small damage cloud on a CHARGED normal attack?

    I don't know any rogues without mythic bows that charge their normal shots unless they're trying to stun something. Why take the time to charge normal shots when you can chain two in quick succession right after you use a skill?

    The IDEAL solution would have been a very small buff to damage, crit, and dodge, along with changing the proc to A) have a chance to occur on ANY attack, or B) occur on EVERY charged attack.
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    i think the best thing is the weapon level up with the charecter i mean if the hero is lvl 31 then the bow will be suited as it must to be before the expansion
    if the hero lvl 32 the bow a little bite become stronger so it suit lvl 32 and so on,
    and that applies to all mythic weapons it the best and all will be happy ) i think )))

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