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Thread: fresh 56 rogue looking for a guild

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    Default fresh 56 rogue looking for a guild

    Hi everyone,

    My 56 rogue is looking for a guild;

    ~1.2k dps without Lepre, bow of fervor as main weapon. no arcane pets yet
    likes to use razor shield
    nox arrow
    shadow storm shot
    and aimed shot.

    The rogue also comes with a mage who is 50, but he doesn't do much besides farm km3 because he is fast at it

    rogue and mage are a month old...

    Looking for long term stay

    Need a guild to run elites and event, please have many 56 or high end players in the guild.
    I am online mostly between 6-11 EST and weekends, i am looking for us timezone guild.

    PM me!

    Thanks for reading
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