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    Red face Double Duo

    Once upon a time in the far away land of Arlor there was a nice and kind rogue name Marialabu.....Marialabu wasnt the type of rogue that wanted to be a ballerina or princess.....Marialabu wanted to be an assasin which she was....There were 2 mages named Youtubetwink and Kestlerr.....They were Marialabu's best friends....or were they?.....every night the mages planned to destroy Marialabu so that they would be the best players in the world of Arlor.....One day they told Marialabu to come with them to farm in Brackenridge Forest....But they had other things in mind....They partied Marialabu and headed down to Brackenridge Forest....Once they got there they waited for Marialabu....Once Marialabu got there they started shooting at her with their shadow guns....But Marialabu's cat like reflexes took hold of her she cartwheeled out of the way....She took out her bow and arrows and started shooting at the mages arrow after arrow.....Once she stunned 2 of the mages she saysouble Duo Huh? (Gang Huh?) and both the mages look at her in anger and then starts shooting her again....The mages say:We will be the best players in arlor no matter what!....Marialabu replys:You wont be good players in your whole lifetime.....Marialabu says:Im ending this now! Marialabu charges her aimed arrow lets go of it and shadow pierces....Both mages die...Their ghosts descend from their bodies and haunt Elite Twink guild hall for eternity!.... The End!Name:  IMG_0264[1].PNG
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    Nice story

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    Tell Marialabu, he still owes me his Bonechill Bow.
    I wish I were me.

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