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    Exclamation Be Aware of Trade Scams

    We regularly receive reports from players about Trade Scams.

    Trade scams typically occur when a player asks for an item before returning payment. After receiving the item or currency, the scammer will leave or ignore the user their victim.


    My trade doesn’t work due to lag, give me your item and I’ll give you yours at the same time. (or shortly after)
    I’ll pay you on my alt, give me the item and I’ll be right back on the alt.

    This is a direct violation of our Terms of Service.

    Note: We do not arbitrate in-game trade disputes. Items lost due to scams will not be returned to their owners. Violations of the ToS can result in a permanent ban.

    If you believe you have been scammed, please use the in-game report button to notify our Customer Service Team who can investigate. Additionally, please visit the Spacetime Studios Support page at

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