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    Default Pocket Legends Index of Guides

    This thread updates Redbridge's thread "Guides, Indexes, Helpsheets & all other wonderful stuff in one place..." If you have any recommendations or see any errors, please let me know! Thanks

    Table of Contents:

    1. Spacetime Games & Forum Related
    2. Playing Guides
    3. Advanced Playing Guides
    4. PvP Guides
    5. Weapon/Equipment Guides
    6. Crafting Guides
    7. Warrior/Bear Specific Guides
    8. Archer/Bird Specific Guides
    9. Enchantress/Elf Specific Guides
    10. Miscellaneous/Other Items

    1. Spacetime Games & Forum Related:

    Spacetime Games Support Homepage
    Forum Rules
    Forum FAQs

    Pocket Legends Terms of Service
    Pocket Legends Announcements
    Spacetime Insiders

    Antenna: What Are They and How to Get Them
    By: Samhayne
    Auto Mutes and Auto Bans for Offensive or Vulgar Chat
    By: Samhayne
    Be Aware of Trade Scams
    By: Thade
    Details about the per-game Platinum decision
    By: Justg
    Guide to Forum Reputation System
    By: Gluttony
    How to post a picture using your PC / iPhone / Android
    By: Airrie

    Social Media:

    Pocket Legends Facebook
    Pocket Legends Google+
    Pocket Legends Twitter

    2. Basic Playing Guides:

    All Towne & Dungeon Maps
    By: oxdream81
    Bans are NEVER discussed on the Forums
    By: Redbridge
    Beginner's Guide
    By: Buubuuftw
    Behaviour & Conduct Guidelines
    By: Redbridge
    Connection/Lag/Spike problems
    By: asommers
    Common MMO Shorthand List
    By: Argyros
    Complete Combo Guide
    By: Rocket
    Debunking Common In Game Myths
    By: CanonicalKoi
    Developer Profile Page
    By: Chickenrunnn
    Dual Spec Guide level 55
    By: Ellyidol
    Emotes - How To Use Emotes Without the Emote Button
    By: Coradin
    Gaming etiquette/manners
    General Pocket Legends FAQ
    By: Bilaxman
    Get your potions FREE
    By: Fyrce
    Guide: Consignment Shop
    By: Chickenrunnn
    Guide: Elite Level Cap & Dragon Vanity Bonuses
    By: Fusionstrike
    Guide: How to use elixirs effectively in a group
    By: WhoIsThis
    Guide: Ping
    By: Whirlzap
    Guide: Premium Characters
    By: WoundedEagle & Spacetime Games
    How to be Rich
    By: Griffinfan
    How to Give, Trade & Stash
    By: Samhayne
    How to Play Pocket Legends on the Chrome Browser
    By: Samhayne
    How to stick with a successful PUG fixed group without the friend list
    By: Ellyidol
    Level One Twink PvE Guide
    By: Environment
    List of the Common Scams
    By: superss
    List of " / " in Game Commands
    By: 25thninja
    List of Promo Codes
    By: Chickenrunnn
    Orbs - What they do
    By: Otukura
    Platinum Guide
    By: Lovenus
    PL Enemy, Boss & NPC Compendium & Quest Location Guide
    By: Physiologic
    Pocket Legends New User Video Guides
    By: Thade
    Pocket Legends Quest Guide
    By: Ayrilana
    Skills Guide
    By: Xasha
    Stat Build Guide
    By: Silentarrow
    Threat Levels Guide
    By: Lovenus
    Tips, Hints & Tricks to Overall Gameplay
    By: NeoQueen
    Your Job (or: How Not to Look Like a Noob)
    By: Duke

    3. Advanced Playing Guides:

    A Complete Guide to Nuri's Hallow Campaign!
    By: Whirlzap
    Balefort Sewers Boss Killing Video Guides
    By: rangepwnsmeel
    Balefort Sewers Guide
    By: mycroftxxx
    Extensive Mount Fang Boss Guide
    By: Apollo
    Gold Harvesting in Plasma Pyramid
    By: noneo
    Guide: Advanced Mechanics in PL (DPS, Crit, etc)
    By: Physiologic
    Guide: Alien Oasis Quests
    By: Ayrilana
    Guide: Farming Ancient Swamps Bayou Boss Brawl!
    By: Whirlzap
    Guide: Farming Sandstone Caves Underground Desert
    By: Whirlzap
    How Drop Rates Work (Simplified) and the Factor of Luck Elixirs
    By: Physiologic
    In-Depth guide to Farming AO3 (Victory Lap)
    By: Physiologic
    In-Depth Guide to Farming Balefort Sewers
    By: Physiologic
    Level 50-56 XP Grinding Guide
    By: Shemron
    Nuri's Hallows Maps Thread!!!
    By: Necroreaper
    Sandstone Cave Boss Strategies
    By: Ayrilana
    Stat calculation guide
    By: Physiologic

    4. PvP Guides:

    List of PvP Guides
    By: Flacs

    5. Weapon/Equipment Guides:

    User Guides to Vanities and Pinks - Index
    By: Delphina

    Apollo's Merchanting Guide
    By: Apollo
    Equipment Prefix/Suffix Compendium
    By: Neurion
    Guide to Becoming a Merchant
    By: Evolt
    Hunzzz's Guide to Merching
    By: Hunzzz)
    Hunzzz's Price Checking Guide (MAIN-PAGE)
    By: Hunzzz
    Rings List
    By: Physiologic
    Rings - When to choose crit over damage and vice versa
    By: Zeosar
    Weapon Proc Index
    By: BeardedBear

    6. Crafting Guides:

    Crafting Guide
    By: Lovenus
    How to Craft lvl55 Gear
    By: Physiologic
    Snakespeare's crafting guide
    By: Snakespeare

    7. Warrior/Bear Specific Guides:

    A full start to lvl45 str/dex bear guide
    By: Mr. Wallace
    Attack Bear Guide
    By: Ellyidol
    Balefort Sewers Bear Play Guide (with screenshots)
    By: Ellyidol
    Bow Bear Guide
    By: Ellyidol
    Ellyidol's bear vid example
    By: Ellyidol
    Guide: How to Tank Properly and shed to noob bear status
    By: Baked-Potato
    Level 55 PvE Warrior Gear Guide
    By: Ellyidol
    Level 55 Warrior Gear List
    By: Ellyidol
    PvE & PvP Bear Guide for END GAME Level 55
    By: rangepwnsmeel
    Warrior Guide
    By: Hurs
    Warrior Guide
    By: Kodax

    8. Archer Specific Guides:

    Archer Video Example
    By: Physiologic
    Complete Lv55 Archer Gear List
    By: Physiologic
    Comprehensive Archer Skills & Equipment Guide
    By: Physiologic
    Dagger Bird Guide
    By: dudetus
    For Archers: How weapon/damages effect skill damage
    By: Physiologic
    Level 55 archer weapon comparison
    By: Moogerfooger
    Level 55 archer weapon comparison
    By: rangepwnsmeel
    Nuri's Hallows Level 56 58 60 Archer Gear List
    By: Physiologic
    Void vs Sentinel vs Sunblessed: An Unbiased Analysis
    By: Physiologic

    9. Enchantress Guides:

    Dexchantress Guide
    By: MurdocX's
    Dex Mage vs Int Mage
    By: kamikazees
    Enchantress Attributes Guide
    By: Eleanor
    Enchantress Guide
    By: Hurs
    Level 55 Enchantress Gear List
    By: Mysticaldream
    Make the change from wand to staff
    By: kamikazees

    10. Miscellaneous/Other Items:

    People behind the Characters
    By: utopi
    Story behind -fnord and Founders' Helms
    By: ultimaga95

    Have a guide that should be listed here? PM "Bilaxman"!
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