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Thread: Arcane Legends Index of Guides

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    Default Arcane Legends Index of Guides

    Table of Contents:

    1. Spacetime Games & Forum Related
    2. Playing Guides
    3. PvP Related
    4. Weapon/Equipment Guides
    5. Pet Guides
    6. Warrior Specific Guides
    7. Rogue Specific Guides
    8. Sorcerer Specific Guides
    9. Miscellaneous/Other Items

    1. Spacetime Games & Forum Related:

    Spacetime Games Support Homepage
    Forum Rules
    Forum FAQs

    Arcane Legends Terms of Service
    Arcane Legends Announcements
    Spacetime Insiders

    Guide to Forum Reputation system
    By: Gluttony
    Season 6 Leaderboard Winners
    By: Remiem
    Warning: Do Not Try to Buy Items or Gold for Real World Cash
    By: Samhayne
    Guide: BB Codes
    By: Peer

    Social Media:

    Arcane Legends Facebook
    Arcane Legends Google+

    2. Playing Guides:

    Arcane Legends Boss Compendium (Tips and strategies)
    By: Cahaun
    Arcane Legends Stat Calculator
    By: DanielRH
    Basic Information for Arcane Legends
    By: PvE
    Chrome Guide
    By: Grawries
    Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
    By: Alrisaia
    Guide: Allies, What Are They, And What Are They For
    By: Lalarie
    Guide: Arcane Legends Quests
    By: Gluttony
    Guide: Avoiding Scams
    By: Zylx
    Guide: Chat Codes
    By: PvE
    Guide: Luck, Rerolls, Loot Drops Explained
    By: Defamed
    Guide: How to Become an Effective Guild and Family
    By: Zaonabiuibil
    Guide: How to Get Gleipnir Amulet
    By: Greencrow
    Guide: How to fight in the Arena
    By: Soundlesskill
    Guide: How to fight in the Arena
    By: Uzii
    Guide: Respecting - How to Place Your Stat Points
    By: CosmoxKramer
    Guide: Skills
    By: Zaonabiuibil
    [Guide] Planar Arena
    By: radagan
    Guide: Zero Deaths
    By: Cremated
    Scams: What They Are, and How to Avoid Them
    By: Zaonabiuibil
    Thrill of the Trade
    By: TrueOrigin
    Titles and Achievements!
    By: Zaonabiuibil
    XP Guide for All Maps
    By: Traebeles99
    XP Requirements to Cap
    By: DocDoBig

    3. PvP Related:

    Class Balance in CTF PvP Feedback
    By: Samhayne
    Pets in PvP Feedback
    By: Samhayne
    Regarding Kill Farming in PvP
    By: Samhayne

    4.Equipment/Weapon/Monetary Guides:

    Crate that Midas Touch & Video
    By: TrueOrigin
    Efficient Run Series: Kraken Mines 3 and locked crates Farming (Guide)
    By: Alfai
    Guide: All Vanities List With Pictures
    By: Vystirch
    Guide: Arcane and Mythic Items With Pics
    By: Lalarie
    Guide: Arcane Legends Currency
    By: TheMiraclebird
    Guide: Budget Balancing for New Players
    By: SkullCrusher
    Guide: Chests
    By: Lalarie
    Guide: Complete List of Founder's Equipment
    By: Gods
    Guide: Earning Gold Daily
    By: Alhuntrazeck
    Guide: Farming for New Players
    By: SkullCrusher
    Guide: How to Upgrade Your Mythic Helm and Armor and Become “The Hero of Legend”
    By: IronMonkey
    Guide: Legendary Elite Gear Distribution
    By: drgrimmy
    Guide: Merchanting by Miracle
    By: TheMiraclebird
    Merchanting, How to Get Rich!
    By: Zaonabiuibil
    Promo Codes List
    By: BadWolf

    5. Pet Guides:

    Efficient Run Series: The Lost Mage Mines and Snaggletooth/Wrathjaw Eggs Farming
    By: Alfai
    Guide: Beastmaster
    By: Kuazzae
    Guide: How to Twist Ribbit
    By: Alrisaia
    Guide: Pet System
    By: Gluttony
    Samael - In Depth Look
    By: JaytB

    6. Warrior Specific Guides:

    Warrior Class Discussion

    7. Rogue Specific Guides:

    Post Your Rogue's Screenie Development
    By: Limsyoker
    Rogue Budget Balancing
    By: wvhills

    Rogue Class Discussion

    8. Sorcerer Specific Guides:

    Arcane Shield - How it works as of 5/7/13
    By: Samhayne
    DPS vs Damage - a detailed comparison
    By: JaytB

    Sorcerer Class Discussion

    9. Miscellaneous/Other Items:

    Arcane Legends Guild List
    By: Zylx
    Arcane Legends Timeline
    By: DocDoBig
    People Behind the Toons
    By: XchilangopwnX
    Top Guilds Listing
    By: H2N

    Have a guide that should be listed here? PM "Bilaxman"!
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