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Thread: Bidding System, Let Buyers Set The Price

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    Default Bidding System, Let Buyers Set The Price

    Hello there I am Sjank, I like collecting limited items in AL. For self-satisfaction and sometimes for profit. I collect weapons and armor that I know are going to get discontinued. Ever since vanities are tradable I also collect those. So I am here to propose a bidding system in Arcane Legends


    Let's say I have a rare item, a Level X Winter Wonderland Armor. My armor is limited and it is not always seen in the Auction House, as a result I can't have a price I can reference to. You see with limited items there are two ways you can look it at, either a sub-par item or a valuable item. Depending on the way you see it you price it differently. But there are people out there who want to pay more for these items obviously you want to target these guys. The hard part is pricing, too low you get little profit. Or if it is too high you might have to keep putting in auction a few weeks slowly decreasing the price until someone buys it. When you do this you end up making the same profit for a longer period because even though it's at a high price you listed it for a few times and it takes away your profit.


    Someone else could have explain the problem but the main reason I am writing this is to propose a bidding system. You can start at an above average. For example if the decent armors at around X gold you can start with 10 to 25 percent higher the price and then the biggest fan of that item gets it you get a good amount of money and the buyer pays at the price he is willing to pay. With a bidding system the buyers have more control over the prices of these items, this impact is even more significant with rare items. With more abundant items when the buyers think it's the price is to high for them, they won't buy it and the prices continues to decrease. This situation is less seen in rarer items. In real life bidding is also that people prefer when selling valued antiques such as guns from World War, old coins, you name it.


    In the end I just gave a rough idea why a bidding is needed and how it's going to work. There rest is up to STS on how it's implemented. Main point here is in the end there will be a bidding system. I would also like to hear your opinion about this or wether or you think this will help you. Counter arguments are also welcome.


    Oh and before finishing this post I would also like to say the limited items are only for example. I am requesting that all items can be put for bidding.
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