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Thread: <High Society> Official Guild Thread

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    Default <High Society> Official Guild Thread

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    Welcome to the High Society Thread, and thank you for visiting.

    We are a new guild who are looking to create a small society within AL for fellow brothers and Sisters to be in a haven to chill and be cool in a positive environment of people whilst enjoying what I would personally say one hell of a amazing game.

    Our doors and arms are open to all players with different talents and skills like Farming, Pvp, Leveling or just having a entertaining conversation.
    Life also has enough rules as it is so with High Society its all about being cool and staying chilled.

    With this in mind we will have a ZERO TOLERANCE to dramas/hecticness/negativity/"ego"trips/bullying.
    Not to say no one isnt allowed a bad days that is appreciated but if its constant and damaging to the positive environment you will not be around long.

    We do not enforce it however we always encourage positive stats such as APs/KVE/KTD or be it your Vanity, Gear or Bank Balance. However everything good in life is always earnt, so asking for help or information is welcomed with open arms.

    Begging and Harrassing will be a dismissal from our Society.
    [After being warned of course]

    The minimum lvl entry for High Societys is 30+.
    This is ensure you have some basic knowledge and experience within the game to keep up with fellow brothers and sisters.

    There will also be no ranking within the guild... Of course there will be a handful of officers who are there to act as a peacekeeper if needs be to ensure a positive environment, but Everyone will be treated with equal respect no matter age/rank/experience

    Lastly, Maximum number of members we will be accepting into High Society is 419 [Not Inlcuding GM]
    Due it it being a small number twinks into the guild will only be welcome once we reach close to our numbers to allow room for new brothers and sisters.

    Once you have been joined us you are always welcome to come and go as you please unless the numbers are full. If you have been kicked from High Society you will also be banned.

    Our GM / Papa Smurf is BaronB [ Who can usually be found in Shuyal Gulild Castle]

    Current Officers are FireBong and SavageWiz

    So feel free to ask any of those brothers for a invite if you are interested or just ask anyone you see wearing the title.
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