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Thread: Eye of Eternity 15

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    Hello lovelies! Creativity, Positivity and staying true to yourself is all you need to start the new week!

    Happy New Week

    ✧ °. ༉ KILL CONTEST EVENT ༉ °.

    જ⁀➴ Host: <@ ASUNDERZ & EOW >

    Thank you to everyone who joined our Event! It was amazing and I hope that y'all had fun? Hopefully, we will see you around for the next events! :fgem4:

    ╭୧ ✎ ‧₊ **1st place:** ASUNDERZ whoop!!!

    *__Second place__* Right behind SWIFTZ 4167 kills

    *__Third place__* Right behind him ARSONY 3754 kills and And right behind her QCP 2864 kills

    Name:  1F3D9BF5-74F9-47C7-A004-5320D180C8CD.jpeg
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    Name:  FC197F1A-AA35-4350-B56E-EFBCB1530E04.jpeg
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    Thank you to everyone who came to our Famous Vampires DL GAME event!

    HUUUGGEE SHOUTOUT to @SWIFTZ for HOSTING this event with me! Very funny event today! Everyone had fun

    I cannot express enough of my gratitude and appreciation to you all Thank you all for your support, hard work, and diligence thru this season dear <@OFFICERS TEAM>

    Always remember, Laughter is the best medicine!

    Here is the outcome...

    Name:  47FF3AF2-91EA-4C2A-85D1-35D0DA11B09A.jpeg
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    Name:  69C89AA3-0081-422F-A4CA-50D7D0713289.jpeg
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    Stay posted for a surprise announcement coming soon as well for **ENTERTAINMENT** purposes. **UPDATES ON DISCORD


    .⋅ ⊱ Join to find out~!
    °꒰:We hope to see you all there!:꒱°

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    ılılıl🎙🎶KARAOKE EVENT 🎵🎼llılılı

    Hosted by: <@Frababen& <@Monbebee

    What's more fun than hosting our own KARAOKE event ? The music, the fun, and not to mention the enjoyment of being surrounded by our friends and family as they try their hand at singing some of the hardest and most popular songs you can imagine!! Congratulations to our winners:

    🥇: Hot Keys,fast hand,no chill Karaoke Master: Honeybestie
    🥈: Spotify music Maestro: Liquor
    🥉: Tie breaker between Summy & lhitl

    Congratulations to all our ˚₊·͟͟͞➳❥ WINNERS and to those who participated 🎊🎉

    Name:  A89709FE-8198-4020-9F54-84E1A70B6BA5.jpeg
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    ˚₊·͟͟͞➳❥ But let's not forget our Top 5 fairytale character of your DREAMS WINNERS!💭

    ⭐:With the amazing FRO and RED hot attire:

    Name:  FD4F32A4-D41E-4519-9B1B-7C3664EF7C66.jpeg
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Size:  224.6 KB

    ⭐: With the Crop top and Booty shorts with Wings in a Mysterious hat:

    Name:  F6A5A0A4-C87A-49AD-8CE9-7EF909488261.jpeg
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Size:  257.9 KB

    : Two Winged hybrid Bunny with Speedo:

    Name:  CF108432-D0EE-4202-AC38-D8E4C81C6FF0.jpeg
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Size:  228.2 KB

    : Flaming Hot Bondage attire:

    Name:  F77ECAC8-D837-4F4E-A060-78DF4D827365.jpeg
Views: 27
Size:  224.7 KB

    ⭐: Blue as the Smurfs with Wings:

    Name:  8D984D2A-0717-4D3B-980D-FE2711DE2CD5.jpeg
Views: 28
Size:  278.0 KB

    CONGRATULATION to all our fancy shmancy looking WINNERS in their winged attire!🎉🥳

    Name:  C23AAB12-FC3C-41B3-867F-F1C667CF848D.jpeg
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    Name:  EB172EE4-0718-46EF-9DFC-23F91375D219.jpeg
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    Name:  06ECE7F8-2023-4D2F-974E-51FF86011A04.jpeg
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    Name:  ABDDAE3B-2F0D-4631-92FF-B18A5470ABEB.jpeg
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    Hello my lovies 。。 ☽

    ˚。⋆୨୧˚ Hide and Seek WINNERS! ˚୨୧⋆。

    જ⁀➴ HOST & SPONSOR
    <@ Lightingwatch & Frababen

    This is definitely an experience you wouldn’t wanna miss if you appreciate some adrenaline in your system. Vampires don't just get the blood flowing—they get the blood flowing. They are still mostly human, and they have needs and desires beyond the thirst for blood.

    જ⁀➴ REWARDS

    Congrats to all winners! And thank you for participating!

    *1st place WINNER: @CUTIEMEL Alt: Jxpan
    *2nd place WINNER: @Wooofff Alt: Royaldarkness
    * 3rd place WINNER : @Hiazaved Alt: Pierrepants
    *4th place WINNER: @Uzikaebev Alt: Nunyabuznis
    *5th place WINNER: @Wooofff Alt: Galaxyworrior


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