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Thread: Eye of Eternity 15

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    Default A new system for fun!!!


    I decided to host a Vanity Contest. What does this mean? How does this contest work and how much gold can you get?
    All of it depends on YOU!!

    What is this Vanity Contest?

    The Aim of the Contest is to wear the same vanity with as many people as possible.

    How Do you WIN?
    The SS with the highest amount of people with all of the seven categories filled will WIN the contest!

    What do you WIN?

    Everyone in the Screen Shot ( with visible IGN) will win .....SURPRISE !

    Special Rewards:

    The person submitting the Entry will win 300k ( If there are more than 9 People in the Screen Shots) even if they don't WIN!
    The person submitting the Entry will win Additional 500k ( If they are the Winner).

    1. You can appear in more than 1 Screenshots but can't submit the same picture as someone else.
    2. If someone submitted an SS with the same group of people Before You, The first submission will count.
    3. If there is a draw, Either Most Unified Team Or Most Expensive Vanities Team Will be Selected to be The Winners!
    4. At least 10 Entries Need before concluding contest!

    SUBMISSION END DATE: 30th July 2019.

    Tips: This is meant to be completed with friends or guildmates. That is your best chance of Winning!

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