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Thread: Free Platinum earn

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    Default Free Platinum earn

    The Free Platinum Earn wont work every time I try to earn it keeps going to pending? Why wont it work

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    Looks like you have some problems with free offers.

    Sts hasn't much to do with W3I/NativeX/TP who control the free platinum offers they just support it.
    We can't really help you and the Devs can't really fix that, just try to e-mail the W3I/NativeX/TP customer support to get some explanation.

    If you need tips, here what you could write them:

    ''Dear technical support team,

    Today (02/15) I have been doing 10 free credit offers which have been offered for the game application Arcane Legends by Spacetime Games. Unfortunately these offers haven't been succeed and I did not get the free credits (Platinum) on my ingame account.

    I hope you are able to help me out on this, as far as I know the offers of the Platinum should be in the ''pending'' state so actually I should have received them until now - which I didn't.
    My email address on Google Play Store is [] and my ingame address of Arcane Legends is [].

    My apologize if I'm bothering you with this, but every answer and help requiring this is more than appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

    Sincerely, [your name].''
    In most cases you will get refunded for all apps/service offers you completed successfully and which are not older than 7 days. This in a period of 1-2 Days. (I can not guarantee this though).

    Or check these articles:

    Exps :|AL|DL|PL|SL|
    Other threads here

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    I have finnish a lot of survey offer in Arcane Legends,but never get the plat :/
    Can any dev fix this?This is harmful

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