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Thread: Owl's Sig Shop

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    Suerte man ^.

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    what shop is closed ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ancestor View Post
    Shop is closed!!!
    Thank you to everyone who still views the shop (even though it is no longer active.) Unfortunately i do not have to time to continue as ive been very busy with college recently and all my time is dedicated to running in game to get money and enjoy myself. This shop unfortunately isnt viable anymore to me as a profit as inflation is rampant in game and i can farm way more then i would usually be tipped
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    Do you need a signature? Whether your not able to make one, bad, or just outright lazy, I'm here for you. My signatures are creative and will tend to whatever you want in it.

    Attachment 72845

    You Need...

    1) What would you like your theme to be ( example: I would like my theme to be "party themed" )
    2) You can choose what characters you would like in the signature. ( You do not have to have your in game characters in the sig, but if you would like them, I would need a screen shot of them.
    3) Any names or quotes/ words you would like in the signature.

    And that's all.

    Depending on how my work schedule is, and if I have multiple signatures to complete, it might take a little while, but i will take my time and make each and everyone with high quality. If I wouldn't put it as my signature, then its not good enough. If you would like me to change anything in the signature I would be happy to make it fit your standards.

    Example of a request:

    I would like my theme to be: Star Wars or futuristic
    I would like my in game characters in my signature (insert screen shot of character)
    I would like my IGN (insert ign) and my guild (insert guild) and the quote to say ("Luke I am your father")

    And that's all... (note that you do not need to include all those things in every section, but you need at least 1).

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    Attachment 72852

    Attachment 66507

    Attachment 68327

    Attachment 64427

    Attachment 64428

    Attachment 63530

    Attachment 63531

    Attachment 63532

    Attachment 72847

    All of my work is FREE!!! However i do accept tips, and I very much appreciate them. So if you would like to give me a tip I accept AL money and items!

    THX for shopping!
    Theme: Arcane Legends
    my character in arcane legends :
    ign: Christmaztown Guild: Arcanite and a quote: "Best Giveaways"
    aswell as "Owl Is OG"

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