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Thread: Suggest New Elite Blacksmoke quest for capping and for chance for ELITE ring

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    Default Suggest New Elite Blacksmoke quest for capping and for chance for ELITE ring

    Just a suggestion.

    Why not introduce two new ELITE blacksmoke mountain quests, each to kill lets say 100,000 enemies in Blacksmoke mountain.

    This in effect will be similar to Capping again, but without increasing the player's level, stats etc. Each of these quests, which you must complete one before you start the other, will grant a new CAP item (helm and then armour for example), which a player can use to get the ELITE ring(s) just like veteran players in PL.

    Once again, this will give the effect of getting additional CAP level Item, you end up killing 100,000 enemies for each quest, which is the same as Capping all over again.

    In this way players, who could only cap once in Pocket legends (and do not wish to wait for the next level cap which no-ones when and if there will be one), will have a chance to cap again via these quests but only get these additional elite CAP items and manage to get themselves on the ELITE ring Quest.

    It will be difficult quests (as you will need to go through killing 100,000 enemies again in Blacksmoke mountain). It does not have to be exactly 100,000, it could be less, as obviously any combos, or HP, will not count towards the KILL count.

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    Common sense suggestion. Has been made several times, but the devs don't really care about level cap expansion. (Not to say I'm not grateful for the veteran's shield and things like that, I really am)

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    Quote Originally Posted by borogoth:1501516
    but without increasing the player's level, stats etc.
    Lol he isn't talking about level cap expansion.

    And to Boro, the elite rings are "elite". Meant for those people only. One of the factors that make it elite is time. Its suppose to be a timed thing. I mean we have had so far 1.5 years to get to 76. Which is more than enough....

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