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Thread: Simple Yet Very Helpful Suggestion

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    Lightbulb Simple Yet Very Helpful Suggestion

    Hi Guys,

    My suggestion is all about "Auction Sorting per class".. To Explain what I meant let me give you my scenario..
    I buy all my weapon and armors probably 1-2 levels ahead, example if I'm lvl 20 I buy gear level 21-22 in advance so I can socket them and be ready when I reach lvl 21 or 22.. Good strategy right? but here's my problem.. If I'm browsing auction using my lvl 20 warrior and I type lvl 22 weapons and check "Usable items" it won't show me any items because I'm just lvl 20.. Now if I unchecked the "Usable items" it will show all the weapons on lvl 22 for all classes (Warrior, Mage and Rogue)...

    Would it be possible to add a drop down menu to choose which class to view (eg, warrior, mage and rogue) that way if I want to search for just warrior armor higher than my level it would still show..

    If this is implemented, I can easily browse high level weapons and armors for my class easily.. I know it's not much but if you guys are thinking things to improve in game, this could be one of them..

    Thank You STS and keep up the good work!

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    It would also be helpful if they categorized the different rings and amulets by their base stats (STR/DEX/INT).

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    This is a great suggestion. Was definitely frustrating to buy ahead. I can't imagine it being too hard for them to implement this either. +1

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    +1 This would also help prevent accidentally buying items that have the same names for each class (like vanities).

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