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    Default 8-bit Salute Progress & Event Update!

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    Can I just say that this community just BLOWS ME AWAY with how awesome you all are?? When we started this endeavor to do 8-bit Salute, I had no idea what to expect, but you guys have seriously stepped up to the plate and just blown it out of the water so far. It's still a couple of weeks to the event, but check this out...

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    Not only are we the NUMBER ONE fundraiser over all, but as of April 30th we've nearly blown past our original fundraising goal of $5,000. You all have me so optimistic that we doubled our goal to $10,000. And, I have no doubt that we'll be able to meet or beat it together. We will continue to sell the limited edition 8-bit Salute vanities in Arcane Legends and Battle Command through Memorial Day Weekend and all proceeds from every sale go toward our fundraising goal.

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    And we're still taking new members! Head over to to join up.

    Remember to mark your calendars for Saturday, May 17th. The 24-hour streaming event will begin at 9:00 a.m. EST and will continue for 24 straight hours. On Monday, I will post instructions on how to get in on the action and party up with the mods and devs in Arcane, Pocket, Dark and Star Legends as they play throughout the day. We'll also be playing some Battle Command and Battle Dragons, so beware, we might have the almighty devs after your base next!

    We're so excited! Thanks everyone for continuing to make this a great success.
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    Need help? Please visit our Support Website at

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    Our guild gives the 8-bit salute! Congrats on reaching the first goal, good luck on reaching the second!
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    Officially signed up yesterday.

    Go Angeldawn!

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    Totally legit... mega props!!!
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    :d :d :d :d

    edit: ipods seems to not cooperate with caps lock. What I meant to say was
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    Good luck guys!! I love this charity and the idea of gaming 24 hours straight on the 17th!!! Very excited!!

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