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Thread: balance and darium feed back

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    Default balance and darium feed back

    How about those patriots?? Finally they work the way they're supposed to. I was kind of disappointed about the drones new targeting system. As a farmer my attack force usually consists of 8 grens 8 drones. Obviously I'll need to rethink my strategy. I always liked spies, and they're still killer and now bust walls enthusiastically. As far as the darium....why is the max hold amt so low? I like the new troops I want to use them! Hard to make a bunch with such a limit on capacity. Also when I dropped the darium version of the grenadiers, my game had serious brain farts till the battle was over. All in all a success, with a few disappointments, but I think ppl won't whine for long about the drones. Thanks for updating, hopefully it puts some life back in the game.

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    Yea the Change to drones sucks now the farming system is changed n wasted my oil to upgrade em # discouraging only

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