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    Default Pros and Cons

    Thanks to the generous allowance of crystals I and others upgraded EVERYTHING and can truly see what the game has available. THANKS

    That said I find I'm not using the new stuff for attacks as they aren't as effective and MORE costly than what I've already got. For instance:

    Level 5 Copter seems to be better as far as I can see than the NEW Flying Armada flyer (and what's with the wimpy green dashes representing firepower = should be like defense laser)
    - yes it's twice as expensive and doesn't have the numbers to support my conclusion; but I played both and was happier with the Copter

    The General is cool.

    The Darium Beam satellite drop doesn't appear to be any different than the lightning strike = why bother

    Same with the Darium Cyborg, it's like using a drone though I can make many more of them. The issue is that they get attacked by Pods and I need the ground troops to take out the Pods.

    I'd rather have the troop backup with Copters or drones to cleanup after Pods are down.

    I really like the Darium laser in every way

    The Pulsar is very cool to see, but I've yet to see it seem to actually DO something other than look awesome = it needs to be stronger.

    What the heck is the deal with the Amber and Diamonds? I know I can't make them, and everyone else in my Alliance seems like me to be requesting...where do we get this from???
    - clear as mud...

    FIX the lvl 11 walls ASAP please because with this oversight the testing is going to come to a screeching halt

    Yorch out...

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    Darium Beam breaks any wall in one hit except lvl 10. Lvl 10 is left with very little health after.

    Agree with Cyborg. You NEED rocket pods out of the way for them to be of any use.

    And with the amber/diamonds/ruby stuff, you can only get one of those. The other two have to be gotten by donations from your alliance members. Once you have 8000 of each gem, you can activate your Darium Research Lab for 8 hours. The research lab will create Darium for 8 hours. After those 8 hours are done, you have to repeat.

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