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    Default Crafting

    Greetings fellow players!

    SL: The Blackstar Chronicles is a Sci Fi MMORPG game that is owned by STS. You'll join hundred of players from around the world on futuristic adventures through hijacked space ships, alien infested asteroids, and highly advanced science labs enshrouded in mystery.

    It feels bad for me that there are no awesome equipments at low levels. I mean look at it, AL has legendary weapons at level1.

    So I have decided to suggest that we are the one who create and design our own weapons. Cool right? Uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary weapons now no longer drops at every map. Instead, we obtain new crafting items and trash weapons ( basic item need for crafting) that would allow us to craft a weapon and design them of our own choice. Players can craft suppressors, scopes, grips, coils, and magazines ( this concept is like AL's adding gems to items. But the difference is that this accessories are added to weapons only). Players can also change the color of the weapon. Crafted weapons can be upgraded 3x.

    List of new trash weapon that drops at any map:

    Dynastar Labs:
    L1/ 5 a-ok
    L1/ 5 repeater
    L1/ 5 pistol
    L1/ 5 flashguns
    L1/ 5 grips
    L1/ 5cannon

    Red Sun Pirate Ship:
    L5/ 10 a-ok
    L5/ 10 repeater
    L5/ 10 pistol
    L5/ 10 flashguns
    L5/ 10 grips
    L5/ 10 cannon

    CyCorp Industries:
    L10/ 15 a-ok
    L10/ 15 repeater
    L10/ 15 pistol
    L10/ 15 flashguns
    L10/ 15 grips
    L10/ 15 cannon

    UCS Savant:
    L40/ 45 a-ok
    L40/ 45 repeater
    L40/ 45 pistol
    L40/ 45 flashguns
    L40/ 45 grips
    L40/ 45 cannon

    Infested Planet:
    L45/ 50 a-ok
    L45/ 50 repeater
    L45/ 50 pistol
    L45/ 50 flashguns
    L45/ 50 grips
    L45/ 50 cannon

    The Scorn Crusade:
    L50/ 55 a-ok
    L50/ 55 repeater
    L50/ 55 pistol
    L50/ 55 flashguns
    L50/ 55 grips
    L50/ 55 cannon
    L5 a-ok (rare)

    Items needed:
    L5 a-ok recipe 500c
    L5 a-ok
    ? common and ? trash crafting items

    Stats: <insert_stats_here>
    L5 a-ok ii ( epic)

    Items needed:
    L5 a- recipe 1, 000c
    L5 a-ok ( rare)
    ? Uncommon and ? Rare crafting items

    Stats: <insert_stats_here>
    L5 Coil ( epic)

    Items needed:
    L5 coil recipe 1, 000c
    ? Epic crafting items

    I'm also suggesting some little effects when we use implants.

    Some low level suggested implants:

    L5 armor implant
    - gives 10 armor

    L15 armor implant
    - gives 30 armor

    L25 armor implant
    - gives 50 armor

    L5 hit implant
    - gives 1 hit

    L15 hit implant
    - gives 3 hit

    L25 hit implant
    - gives 5 hit

    L5 dodge implant
    - gives 1 dodge

    L15 dodge implant
    - gives 3 dodge

    L25 dodge implant
    - gives 5 dodge

    L5 damage implant
    - gives 1 damage

    L15 damage implant
    - gives 3 damage

    L25 damage implant
    - gives 5 damage
    L5 implants costs 500c
    L15 implants costs 1, 000c
    L25 implant costs 1, 500c


    Suggested craft-able pet:
    Name is D2- R2

    Items needed:
    D2- R2 recipe costs 15, 000c
    ? epic, ? Rare and ? Uncommon crafting items

    Player chooses the pet's stats:
    3 dodge or
    3 crit or
    3 hit or
    30 armor or
    3 damage or
    30 health and 30 mana

    You can turn this basic a-ok

    Into this (( don't mind the color))

    Use the better level40 a-ok not this

    Turn this one

    To this one

    Can't choose a basic weapon for engineers, commandos, and those heavy pistols.

    This is IwanttobeFat

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    Crafting for coils, magazines, suppressors and other accessories is not included when you craft the weapon itself. So after you craft a L5 weapon, you need to craft an accessory and put it in that L5 weapon (( like gems in AL))

    This is IwanttobeFat

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    This is an awesome idea.

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    Default Crafting

    crafting station is pretty much useless, this could help
    Zodiarck L51 engineer
    Proud Phoenix

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