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Thread: Steal The Heal

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    Cool Steal The Heal

    GMs: Maazires & Sniickers
    Officers: Stirbimwinter, Batcaver, Caye, Blackxpanther, Kalilith, Kindness, Rusemae

    Growing and Active Guild!

    The goal of <Steal The Heal> is to assist its members in every aspect possible.

    Guild Activities:
    1. PvP Matches (On most levels)
    2. PvE Farming
    3. Preparing newbies for PvP
    4. Assistance in leveling

    -Wanna learn how to PvP? This is the place to join!
    -We can help you find a build that suits you, farm gems to equip with and there is always time to train with us!
    -As opposed to many PvP guilds, we have PvPers at most levels. Specifically for our low level PvPers, alliances do not exist. A genuine kdr will result from honest PvPing! :-)
    -We let members enjoy the fun in challenging one another by not entertaining the "No Killing Guildies" rule. And every now and then, we have a 1v1 between guildmates.
    -And we love to win!
    -We also incorporate the importance of teamwork, communication, genuine gameplay and of course, FUN!

    -Need help with PvE? We're always here to help!
    -Activity in PvE ranges from leveling to farming.
    -If you're trying to farm something specific and have no luck, don't worry! We're here to help Often, we farm as a guild in an effort to drop something we want/need.

    And we're also social!
    -The guild members include an abundance of personality and character.
    -Everyone is given the opportunity to recruit.
    -Multilingual! Current members speak English, Spanish, German, and Tagalog.
    -We love to have fun!!

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    <3 Always here to help.

    Current IGN: Revolting

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    Lol We're so silly, it was a total fail

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