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    Default Intermediate player guide

    I had a free week and spent quite a lot of the time playing Arcane Battlegrounds.
    I've learned a few things I didn't know about, and I just cannot help myself being good and helpful, so I'm gonna share some of that wisdom with you.

    Ways to play
    There are roughly 3 ways to play the game.
    Attackers spend a lot of time playing the game, either playing nonstop for hours, or logging in several times an hour.
    - Gain resources through raiding other bases
    - Don't need strong defences
    - Need upgraded troops
    - Rush their castle to level 7 or above

    Defenders play the game a few minutes a day, just log in to start new building and collect resources. They spend most of the time shielded.
    - Gain resources from their own mines and mills
    - Don't need strong troops or maxed waypoints
    - Need to protect resources very well
    - Max or near-max defences before upgrading castle

    They haven't quite figured out what to do, they fail most attacks and their bases have weak points.
    Over time, they evolve into attackers or defenders.

    Advanced tips
    There are, say, 3 ways to attack.
    - Skimming
    A base has strong core and weak peripheries. Deploy ranged units to destroy mines and mills, and bail out.
    - All out
    A base looks weak enough to be 3-starred, and has enough resources to pay off the cost of units and your time. Do your best and good luck.
    - Thumbs up
    A base is too strong for the resources it protects. Give them a thumbs up! The proper way to do it is to deploy a ranger or warrior and bail out. Best combined with skimming.

    - Try to make skimming as hard as you can without compromising the core. Use war games to figure out the range of different towers and how it works with rangers and warriors.
    - I suggest upgrading catapults and mana launchers as the first thing after reaching new level, before you gather any significant resources.
    - Try to introduce non-obvious choke points inside or around your base, and put spikes and poison lotuses in them. If it's too obvious and avoidable, the attacker will use a small unit to trigger the trap.
    - Don't clear rocks and trees near the base. Nothing angers an attacker more than a failure to deploy units because he clicked on a tree.

    Helping other members
    - When sending troops, I suggest using rangers. The more types of troops there are, the more difficult is to use them in battle. Also for defense rangers are a good choice. Obviously if you can send Shadowmages with a priest or a Demonlord, that should work too.
    - Boost construction first. The building timers are the limiting factor for all but the most lazy players. If there's no boostable construction, try to look for mana and gold storage and boost the kind they need more.

    Other tips
    - With the surprise weekend events, it may be advisable not to max your base before leveling up, instead just keep your options open (upgrade library, lay out defences, upgrade storage space). This is a new idea, not proven yet.
    - Once you receive the platinum reward for 500 trophies, stop caring about trophies and use Surrender without fear (unless your alliance asks you to keep trophies high). 1000 trophies are currently out of question for a typical player.
    - If you receive Thumbs up, it is most advisable to give Thumbs up back, using the Revenge feature. You don't lose shield if the attack fails because the opponent is online or shielded.

    Hope this helps the newbies out there.
    Feel free to add your tips, so this forum is not so dead
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    Great post.

    Helpful for new bees.

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    Interesting that you are interpreting dropping one troop as a thumbs-up. I figured it was just people dumping trophies. That's what I've been doing. I'm not sure that's what others are doing, but I'll look at it in a new light. Thx!

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    Great guide! I went ahead and "stuck" it to the top so that other players can easily find it.
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    Lol I transition from attacker and defender every now and then Great guide tbh
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