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Thread: Feature Overview: Dragon Battles [iOS]

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    Default Feature Overview: Dragon Battles [iOS]

    [UPDATE (6/3/13 - 3 PM PDT): The Battle Arena is now available to all iOS players with Dragon Story 1.4 and above!]

    [UPDATE (5/3/13 - 8 PM PDT): The goals for the Battle Arena have been turned back on. Please let us know if there are any issues. Thanks!]

    [UPDATE (5/3/13 - 4 PM PDT): We've turned the Battle Arena back on for the test group. The goals related to the Arena will be turned on in a few hours. Please force close your app and restart the game in order to see the feature, if you are in the test group. Thanks!]

    Greetings Dragon Aficionados,

    It is my pleasure to introduce the biggest and most exciting new feature ever released in Dragon Story: Dragon Battles!

    Over the last year we've welcomed players to send dragons on epic quests, store them in the Dragon Stables, trade them for powerful gems and use those gems to craft Gemstone Dragons, and now we invite you to send your favorite dragons into the Battle Arena to match strength and wits against dragon opponents!

    How it works...

    After you update your game to Dragon Story 1.4, if your account was randomly selected to participate in the test release, you'll notice a new building floating to the Northeast of your main island. This is the Battle Arena!

    The Battle Arena!

    Players levels 30+ can enter the Battle Arena and select a dragon to compete against the displayed opponent.

    Several factors determine the strength of your dragon, including level, rarity, colors, and opponent's colors. I'll leave it up to you to determine which color combinations are strongest against which!

    During a Dragon Battle, players can select from 3 attacks each turn. The battle is turn-based, meaning your opponent will only attack after you do. Every dragon has a magic attack corresponding to their primary element (each with a unique particle effect!), a bash attack, and the Ultimate Attack.

    The Magic and Bash attacks are your primary weapons. The Ultimate Attack costs gold and does massive damage. This is for players who want to pay to assure victory.

    Losing a match will Exhaust your dragon. Exhausted Dragons can be healed with the new Healing Spring Building available in the Market. While exhausted, dragons cannot participate in breeding, trading, evolving, questing, or battling. They will still produce coins, however.

    Winning a match awards you with 1 Leviathan Pearl. What good are those? Leviathan Pearls can be combined at the Spell Shop to craft the new and exclusive Leviathan Dragon! Periodically, we'll release a new reward with a

    e had a great time putting this enormous feature together and think you'll have a great time playing it. I'll update this post with FAQs as your questions and comments come in, so check back!

    Play (and battle) on!




    When will this feature be available on Android/Kindle?
    All I can say at this time is that it will be available on Android/Kindle, along with all of the backlogged features. We're working on a way to catch things up and keep them caught up. Your patience is appreciated.

    I updated and I don't see the Battle Arena, AHHHH!
    During this testing period, we're only releasing to a small group of players. Stay tuned for the larger release!

    Why are some of my dragon opponents higher than level 10?
    To challenge higher level players. Keep in mind though, the most important factor in determining your chances of victory are the colors of your dragon in relation to the opponent's colors, not the level.

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    Whats this ??? Anything related to bd?

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