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Thread: Rant of a Mage at Lost Valley

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    Default Rant of a Mage at Lost Valley

    Hello! So since the cap came out, I've been and am still currently living at Lost Valley for obvious reasons. The runs are already tedious as is, but there are two prominent things that make it entirely worse:

    1) LEECHERS. I cannot stand leechers at all. I understand if someone needs to be afk for awhile bc I do it too. Bladder calls are hard to ignore and food becomes completely necessary after running for so long. It is always nice when someone lets the group know ahead of time that he or she is going to be afk. Aside from that, it is very obvious when someone is a leech and the only solution for them is bye-bye boot!

    2) REV demands! It annoys me when someone dies and immediately says, "rev mage". I don't mind reving people at all. In fact I love to rev, but only at my convenience! As stated above I don't like leechers. By not reving someone I have created a leecher and it would be my fault it exists. At the same time, I don't like dying either; I need to make sure my hp is in good condition before I can go rev. Otherwise I die too and now we both must wait for someone to rev us both. Dumb. Please just be patient.
    *On a side note, sometimes I'm blind and fail to see that a fellow member has died. In that case yeah it's okay to yell out rev

    **Lost Valley is not all that bad. I've had the pleasure of meeting many great new people as well doing some really great runs

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    My advice to you
    Find a good team where at least 3 people have a combo or more, and not just a game full of people with armor dmg and xp blessings or no elixir.
    Make sure you watch everyone's hp to see if anyone will die.
    Spam heal to stay alive.
    Hope that helps.

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    Doesn't really matter if the person has a combo or not, just find a good team of 75s/76s. And the most important thing is that you are host, and ofc boot the leechers. I usually find a team with atleast one bear, two mages, and two birds. Makes a balance of who does what. Goodluck!

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