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    Default Lost all existing "boosts"

    JOKER- Master of the BOONDOCK SAINTS - I have been pretty diligent about saving boosts for when I know they can be distributed evenly (instead of having them compiled for what amounts to be a waste-- ). However, after the DARIUM UPDATE - every single back logged boost that I had, have now disappeared-- How can I remedy this, and what is protocol for updates, because I have never had them disappear like that, since I have been playing BATTLE COMMAND--- ( roughly 10 months ). Thank you for your time and hope there is some sort of way I can rectify the complete absence of a planned and strategic way to boost myself (from others).
    - JOKER

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    Your mail messages do go away after 30 days. Is it possible your boosts were older than that?
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    Yes they were it even happened to me

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