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Thread: Nekro information.

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    Default Nekro information.


    Yumisa here to quickly address a ''minor'' problem

    I have recently been trying to compare the arcane pets : samael and nekro to know which one was better for me. In the STABLE you say that nekro has a ''small chance to banish''.It would be very kind of you if you could find out what is exactly the ''small chance''.All we can do is guess.You say that grimm has 5% chance to banish, that samael has 10% Chance to banish but you do not say for nekro. Why the exeption? O.o

    Im sorry if this is not of great importance but I am sure alot of people would need that information to know either they want to buy him/Sell him

    Thank you very much for your comprehension I hope you can tell us

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    You cannot know.

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