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Thread: Speed Testing Part II: Further Measurement of Speed Buff Values (Zone effects?)

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    Default Speed Testing Part II: Further Measurement of Speed Buff Values (Zone effects?)

    In My prior post on this topic, I presented some test results with respect Speed Buff Stacking. One outcome of the prior test was that although pets do seem to stack with passive speed, none of the advertised STS speed buffs were realized in the tests.

    I was curious if there was a "zone scaled" effect that was reducing my overall buff values. To check this I ran some speed tests in the "Tindrin Jagged Trail" zone.

    As before I started by clearing the entire zone. I then went back to the beginning of the zone, and measured time values to run from the start of the zone all the way to the first turn on the way to the boss. Also as before I did three runs with each configuration. In this case I ran the first test with no pet, no passive buff and no elixir. I then performed runs with Scorch (15% buff) as in my prior testing and also Haze (10% buff). Also RockCandy joined me for my Haze speed tests, but her presence did not seem to affect the outcome.

    Both of these pets failed to meet their advertised speed buffs. Scorch performed at 11% (The same as KT4) and Haze performed at 6.7%.

    "No Pet, No Passive, No Elix
    Time (Sec)"
    Run 1: 45
    Run 2: 45
    Run 3: 45

    Pet (Scorch), No Passive, No Elix Buff
    Run 1: 40 11.1%
    Run 2: 40 11.1%
    Run 3: 40 11.1%

    Pet (Haze), No Passive, No Elix Buff
    Run 1: 42 6.7%
    Run 2: 42 6.7%
    Run 3: 42 6.7%

    Test Conditions:
    - Rogue Level 41
    o Build (All Dex)
    o +5 Agility, Might, Intelligence, Critical on Passives
    - Test Pets: Scorch (+15% Speed), Haze (+10% Speed)
    - Playing on Android / 4G
    - No Weapon Firing, or Arcane Activation During Runs.
    - Tests run at three times during the day

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