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    Default High Society - Official Guild Thread

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    For the latest Guild Updates and Information join the High Society Discord server by visiting

    Our Current Active Officers
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    Our 3 Golden Rules...

    • Be Cool
    • Stay Chilled
    • Make Yourself At Home

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    Our Guidelines...
    • We are a guild that was created by adults predominately for adults. We follow a common-sense ethos and do not tolerate any sort of hate or negativity.
    • Breaking any of our 3 Rules will mean instant dismissal and ban from the guild.
    • We also have a guild cap of 400 members. This is not including our team of officers which is made of roughly 20 members.
    • To join you will need to show your Prestigious title/banner and have 50,000+ PvE kills as this is a minimum requirement.
    • The only exception to the joining requirement can be made by the Guild Master or an Officer's discretion.
    • All Hardcore and Seasonal alts are welcome as long as the alt in question meets current joining requirements.
    • People that leave and come back several times will not be allowed back.
    • Anyone that is kicked is also banned from the guild.
    • We are a group mostly of independent players, pestering for runs/gold/items will result in a kick/ban.
    • There is a lot of friendly banter amongst our members, any complaints and you will be asked to leave.
    • Do not ask for promotions. These ranks are given based on merit and contributions towards the guild.


    One Love
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