OK, so here is what happens:

1) upon loading game "initializing" comes up followed by "contacting server" (you can see the game version at the top left)
2) "connecting" appears on screen
3) green loading bar shows up and loads all the way to the end
4) Back to "connecting again"
5) Repeat...

It will do this cycle endlessly and never actually load the game. I also have battle command and arcane battlegrounds.

These two games have NO problems.

I've deleted and reinstalled the game several times and deleted data / clear cache from the apps menu.

When did it start? After the last instant spell upgrade was removed. I tried loading the game and android014.pak would not download. I stopped the game started it over. Then it downloaded it but after that the above happens. Nothing that I have done since has changed the behavior. This app will not run past the splash screen.