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    Quote Originally Posted by Madnex View Post
    I'll have to agree with drgrimmy here; no need to upset the economy once again with buffs/nerfs. The reason the new weapons are not as expensive is that almost everyone who could afford the Elondrian version already has one and has it gemmed. Plus the event period is larger and everyone opens locks now on plat sale. Clean elon guns went down to 9-10m too at their lowest.
    Perfect elondorian gun is 10m now!!!! Unbelievable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madnex View Post
    The entire argument is focused on your disappointment from the frost touch gun. Exaggerations like below 5m (when the weapon hasn't sold for less than 8m anywhere) didn't help either.

    The proc rate is not reduced, the same was said for the bow which I tested personally and it procs at the same rate - plus the frozen twister is pretty much as unnoticeable/useless as the elon bush. The same thing goes for the bulwark, no noteable differences from the new, more offensive version due to the fairly low proc rate (it hasn't changed either though).

    Instead of the HP return the new environmental effect for bow now pushes. Instead of the root chance and armor the new gun goes for a more offensive proc which builds up the slow until the enemy freezes at the fifth consecutive shot or so. The problem is that people thought the new weapons would be clearly upgrades to the elon ones, without trade-offs.
    Once again, I am not Talking about the gold here. I talked about the proc NOT happen so often and not freeze multiple targets, and not freeze boss, I think. I ,myself, bought the clean gun at 7m. One of my friend got 6.3m. and other some got 5m. I dont know why they sell cheap cuz lack of gold or something. or they are just new to AL. Anyways, that is not my point. Just to clear to you. I got kershal, elon gun, frosty gun, I can switch them whenever I feel. and Thank you for your feedback and time to quick reply.

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    As i said on Throxanthar's thread regarding the same issues about the new mythic weapons, i feel like re-stating this example will show just how useful the procs are.

    The Frost bow proc is the most contradictive proc i have ever seen/Heard of:
    1) it pushes the mobs away from the ice pool it creates
    2) it damages the mobs that are on the ice pool
    + The rate of the proc is pretty rare..( 3 procs on mobs per planar 2 tombs run... -_- ) And the damage(around the same damage as 2 basic bow attacks????) of the proc is non existent because of the statement i made above.
    This ''Frost touched'' bow definitely needs to be RE-touched. I apologize as i have no knowledge of the other frost-touched mythic weapons,you can tell me more about them too
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