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Thread: Sorcerer Builds and Skills

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    Default Sorcerer Builds and Skills

    Hi guys, this is Rui, Arcane Legends IGN Tamrui. In the guide I'm going to tell you what I think is the best build (my build) and hopefully you can share yours too!
    MY SORCERER BUILD (24 skill points as of now)


    1. Fireball --- AOE, explodes on impact
    • Ignite --- AOE, sets enemies on fire (damage them)
    • Impact --- AOE, knocks enemies down, stun them

    2. Frost Bolt --- NON-AOE, Freezes an enemy
    • Jagged Ice ---NON-AOE, Damages an enemy
    • Shiver --- NON-AOE, increases enemy stun duration

    3. Arcane Shield --- Individual, reduces damage taken
    • Extended Shield --- Individual, increases time of reduced damage taken
    • Static Resonance --- Individual, further reduces damage taken

    4. Time Shift --- AOE, Damages enemies, traps them in a ring
    • Countdown of Pain --- AOE, enemies in ring will be further damaged
    • Freeze Time --- AOE, roots target


    1. Knowledge --- increases intelligence
    • 5/5

    2. Might --- increases strength
    • 5/5

    3. Damage --- increases damage value

    • 2/5


    1. Time Shift
    2. Arcane Shield
    3. Fireball
    4. Frost Bolt

    I will always walk around and attract some enemies and let them chase me. When they are clustered together, I will drop my Time Shift to trap them. While they are being damaged, I will used my shield if there are really A LOT OF STRONG enemies. If not, I will not use it (just a waste of mana). Then, while the enemies are still stuck in the ring, I will fireball them to knock and stun them, all the while they are being damaged. Finally I drop my frost bolt. Then the cycle repeats when the skills are done recharging. While waiting for the skills to recharge, I will use my weapon to fight. I try to keep to my skills order as much as possible but when enemies are really charging on me i will quickly tap the Time Shift to trap them or a fireball to stun them although I don't charge them because now the important thing is delaying the enemies, not killing them. Frost bolt is a NON-AOE attack ( I didn't and is not planning to upgrade to Ice Wielder anytime soon), so you will ask me why I use frost bolt on mobs instead of Gale Force. Well, I'm going to explain.


    1. Time Shift*
    2. Arcane Shield*
    3. Fireball
    4. Frost Bolt

    There will be no need to attract "some bosses" when I fight bosses as there will usually be one boss (except cases like Frozen Frontline 2014 Platinum Tier or Brackenridge Gold Mine). So basically, I will run towards the boss, when the boss starts moving towards me, I STRAIGHT AWAY drop the Time Shift, then Arcane Shield. Bosses will not be knocked down or stunned or trapped by the Time Shift, so I will try to keep the boss in the purple ring of the Time Shift as long as possible by maneuvering around. I will circle around the boss and shoot a fireball then frost bolt. Then again, I will use my weapon to fight while my skills recharge. After they recharge, I run to the red circle underneath the boss and meanwhile, charge my time shift to drop it in time for when I reach the circle. Then I will run out again and the boss will be in the middle of the ring again, then the whole cycle continue. Towards the end of the fight, I will no longer run to the red circle to drop my Time Shift, I will just drop it at where I am, and I will not charge my skills, just keep tapping and shooting my weapon, fireball, and frost bolt (Well, you wouldn't want to waste time and give the boss the chance to kill you and revive after such a long fight)!

    *I will sometimes switch the Time Shift and the Arcane Shield such that I have the Arcane Shield on before I enter battle.

    This (boss fights) is the reason why I use Frost Bolt even on mobs. Frost Bolts are NON-AOE attacks, which usually deal more damage than AOE attacks, so it is effective on bosses. Look it in this way, you can always re-fight normal mobs and enemies, but you don't always have the energy and motivation to fight bosses, so why not just maximize your chances and damage when fighting bosses. Other than that, the main good reason of Gale Force is that it can blow enemies away and cut through mobs. But during Boss Fights, you can't and don't need to cut through the Boss, besides, after you "cut through" your boss, you have to stop for a while and you may go into a very difficult or wrong direction, that will attract the boss to you and when you stop, the boss may hit you and it will also totally depletes the purpose of Time Shift, to damage any enemy in their purple ring.

    We are sorcerer, strong in intelligence, weak in strength. Since we are strong in intelligence, we should maximize our potential in that field, so I max my Passive Knowledge. We are weak in strength, which is our health, so I also think we should maximize the it the best we can, or we are just like running naked and unarmed into a battlefield.

    I think the passives we should aim for are damage, armour and finally, our speed.

    Damage because we can use lesser number of skills each time and save our mana. We have the highest mana, we should maximize the potential and usage of our stock of mana. More Damage each time = Less Skills used each round = Less mana used each round = Fight more = Gain more (exp, loot, gold)

    Armour because we have the lowest maximum health and thus, we should always have our armour at its best to support our low health.

    Speed because we can reach and support our friends/party/guildmates faster. It would be a pity if we reach the boss area (usually at the far end of the map)just to see all our friends die and the boss revived.

    I don't favor dexterity because among Offense/Defense, Health, and Critical/Dodge, I will certainly choose Offense/Defense over Critical/Dodge, and Health. I will of course choose Offense/Defense over Health. And this is the reason why I do not use Heal (Heal) but Arcane Shield (Defense) instead. If you really want a deep understanding, just take it like this, I can use heal to heal myself back to +780 HP. But I can always get hit and die while charging the Heal or I can straight away get hit again by 800 (-800 HP), in which case, my mana on Healing is wasted. But for Arcane Shield, I am slowly recovering HP and my damage intake is reduced by a lot, doubled with a good amor, my hit can become a -450 HP instead of a -800 HP.

    OH and one last thing, quite a lot of non-sorcerers (and maybe some sorcerers) don't know this: the Time Shift is a very useful skill, other than just damaging opponents, it can trap and block. That means, When you drop the Time Shift, the enemies in the purple ring (that Time Shift produces) cannot come out, the enemies behind the purple ring cannot go through and, if you are standing in the purple ring, the enemies OUTSIDE the ring cannot enter the ring. So the Time Shift is the best when you are in tunnel-like maps (i.e. Watcher's Tomb, Kraken Mines etc.)

    And I guess that will be the end of my small little guide on sorcerer builds.

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    the damage in passive really doesnt add up any damage for me. probably a bug or not.

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    Frost bolt is aoe on base, without any subskill unlocked. Dont use damage passive, if you use a pet with damage bonus(recommended).

    Anyways, check my guide in my signature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haligali:1996574
    Frost bolt is aoe on base, without any subskill unlocked. Dont use damage passive, if you use a pet with damage bonus(recommended).

    Anyways, check my guide in my signature.
    There r right builds

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