Hey folks,

Happy New Year!

Id like to talk with you about the future of our legacy games. Its no secret that we have been putting the majority of our Live development resources into Arcane Legends. In the past, when asked if we are going to update the level cap or release new content for the other games, we really didn't think we would be doing anything, but we were not certain. Our response has been there is nothing on the horizon. We now have a good handle on our future, and Id like to be more clear about our legacy games.

We will no longer be updating Pocket, Star, or Dark Legends. We also will no longer be updating Battle Dragons or Arcane Battlegrounds. This includes weekly 2x bonuses and seasonal events. We are not sunsetting (shutting down) these games. We will keep all of them running for the foreseeable future, but we are not going to be adding anything new. The drain is simply too great on our limited resources.

I say this with a very heavy heart. Pocket Legends, in particular, has our soul in it. This was a transformational title for the studio. It contains some of our best efforts and biggest ambitions. It is full of our inside jokes. Many of the NPCs are named after our kids. It was a dream for us that became a reality, and we are lucky to have been able to share it with you.

Well continue to focus our Live development efforts on AL, which is still going very strong. This includes a community-focused approach and another expansion scheduled for early this year. If you are a PL, SL, or DL player that wants to check it out, please give it a go. Youll find a very active and vibrant community there. We also have another client update coming for Battle Command with some very cool stuff.

Well be announcing a new title in the very near future. It is fully PvP oriented, and I think many of you are going to like it very much. I know this does not ease the sting of no more updates for our older games, but we have to make these decisions in order to continue to grow as a company. Ill stay involved in this thread to discuss further with you, thanks in advance for keeping it level.

Id like to express our great love and gratitude to you, the most passionate, active, loyal, and supportive community I have ever worked with. I cant express how grateful we are that you have been enjoying our games for so long. Well do our best to try to surprise and delight you far into the future.


- Gary Gattis
CEO, Spacetime Studios

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