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Looks like a princesses wand-_-
New class: Princess Peach.
Stats: HP. That's it.
Skills: Call Mario- peach shrieks like a pregnant woman in childbirth and Mario shoots down from the sky and causes AoE damage. Upgrades include fireball DoT, multi jump and bring Luigi.
Call bowser- Bowser walks on screen and kills everything on screen, finishing with the players, except for peach. He brings her through a portal and becomes a boss that the other party members have to rescue peach, who is muted and unable to access menu.
Call mushroom army- the toadstool kingdom launches an assault that clears the zone except for bosses but draws in items and experience for the party.
Sit and cry- break the time/space continuum. All party members are fully healed and invincible with mana and ho regen. All monsters are given a 90second stun server-wide. All nekros and SnS are destroyed and class skill balancing is accomplished.