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    Lightbulb <Vintage>

    Hey guys Edumacation here! Today I would like to officially announce the opening of the guild... <Vintage>!
    Here is a link to a video that gives a very brief description of the guild, however I still recommend reading this thread.

    In this thread I will list:

    1. How to join.

    2. What we do.

    3. What kind of people we are.

    4. Weekly guild only CTF-FFA.

    5. Weekly raffle/lottery.

    Section 1: How to Join.

    To join you must, I repeat, MUST, comply with all of the following terms:

    1. Be tolerant and respectful towards all members of the guild, especially your superiors.
    2. If an officer has called upon you for a particular reason, speak formally and respect the decision he/she makes (even if you don't like it).
    3. Don't rage, this is a laid-back guild.
    4. Do not randomly recruit people, doing this may result in the consequence of demotion, or, removal from the guild.
    5. Don't ask to be levelled, this isn't a levelling guild (However, we will help if we offer our services to you if we're free).

    Ask me in-game to join the guild, I'm normally on:

    Section 2: What we do.

    <Vintage> is currently based around PvP, Farming and Chilling-Out.
    All you need to really do to comply with the terms listed above is respect people, know what you're doing and not beg.

    Section 3: What Kind of People we are.

    Easy: Calm, relaxed, easy-going PvP/Farmers that just want to have fun and relive some nostalgia. (You know that feeling when you play on your old asf iPod 4 with the crappy sound quality - ah, nostalgic...)

    Section 4: Weekly Guild Only CTF-FFA

    Guild FFA's will be hosted weekly by me and uploaded to YouTube. A guild YouTube Channel may be opened in the future for easier access to the videos.
    The "Player-of-the-Match" will receive a prize of gold that will be dependant on how much the entry fee for that particular match is and if anyone decides to donate gold to the match's pot.
    Guild FFA's are not set at a particular level, but will start off at L.15 and move upward toward L.77, depending on what levels our guildies are at.
    Flag will be included, so expect a 25minute+ video on YouTube. (Unless of course we get a fox that just runs the flag while two bears tank then it will probably be a 5 minute video)

    Section 5: Weekly Raffle/Lottery.

    This section is quite self-explanatory. A Guild Lottery will be hosted weekly and the entry fee will most likely be 20-25k. The money will all be put in the pot and the winner will receive all the gold donated.

    Thanks for reading all of this and I hope to have some inquiries to join!
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