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Thread: Exol Is Back And Dedicated!

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    Smile Exol Is Back And Dedicated!

    Hello, fellow Dark Legend..ers? Some of you may not know me, so I shall introduce myself.
    I am Exol...and that's it. o.o
    Been playing Dark Legends since November 2012. I left for quite a long time.
    I've just started out my YouTube channel.
    Hopefully doing more giveaways but I must farm first. ;-;
    I will be updating my the guild list I have been working on.
    I know it needs a huge update.
    Thank you for being patient.
    So it might take a long time for me to start any giveaway raffles.
    Unless my lucky is strong! Well, anyways. I've missed this game a lot.
    It is really fun and some of the people are quite
    friendly. Anyways, if anyone of you are new or is/are coming back to Dark Legends. Welcome or welcome back. Thank you.
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