Hello all! I am pleased to announce that Careful is having a HUGE competitive event for our guildmates on June 7th! Be online at 11:00 AM Central Standard time to participate and fight for glory, honor, and some well-earned goodies! The contest will consist of a PvE Timed Run competition starting at 11:00 AM Central in which I will time players on Numa, Voleria, UCS Savant, Hive, Scorn, and STS (last maps), and some simple PvP and CtF tournaments. During the PvE runs no enhancer is allowed and you may have max of 3 other players to help you. Each map's top team will earn a prize. The 5th spot is for me, to time you. PvP and CtF contests will start directly after the PvE runs, so be ready! Message me on the forums or in game for more information. I look forward to seeing you all there and from all of Careful, have a great day!