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Thread: An Arcane Legends story on Episode app.

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    Cool An Arcane Legends story on Episode app.

    Hey guys, I made a story on the app Episode about my friends in the game. It's about a group of Arcane Legends gamers who were so addicted to the game that they found themselves trapped in Arlor! It is a work of fiction of course, but I kept my friends' personalities real (the way they act in game and real life) and put in some funny anecdotes.

    Here's the link to the story:

    You need to download the app though to be able to read the story. I still need an ending, you may want to tell me how you want the story to end.

    Some screenshots are attached here ad teaser.


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    Jack calls Ufuk, the guildmaster, to organize war.

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    But Ufuk has exams and asks Jack to call others.

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    The others can't come online due to timezone differences, so Jack wished they were all in game.

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    And so Jack's wish came true. The rogues became girls in game...

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    And the tanks found themselves in funny outfits.

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    You can change the clothes of the characters!

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    And watch their search for the way back to the real world.

    The story is not yet finished, you may send me your suggestions for the ending.

    Have fun!

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