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Thread: <letal sharks> guild thread

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    can not wait

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    Heyo to everyone, first thing first that I want to say that IM PROUD, im proud of every single shark that has stayed loyal and with us for the whole time, those guys deserve my biggest respect and they will always be in my heart, sad that some aren't a part of us still but I hope in future they will come to their home!
    What I want to also say to whole arlor is that Sharks never died nor they will, many tought we died, that we wont ever comeback, but yet here we are, we came stronger than ever and we aim for the best as it is in our veins to dominate.

    For the end, I personally want to Invite every single shark to get back to their home so we could all be in same place, in our loved and most caring family named Lethal Sharks!
    Best Regards to everyone especially to Sharks, im again proud of yall!!! <3

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    Today Lethal Sharks celebrates 8 years since it has been built, many of us quitted, stopped playing, joined and left..people comes, people leaves..
    I honestly think everyone contributed to this team, both good and bad people.. Almost every old player built the history of this guild, in a good or in a bad way it made us stronger, more united, it made us FIGHTERS!

    Since I am back it warmed my heart seeing many people missing this guild, even the ones who didn't like it back then, it made me very proud of what we built in such a long time.
    Lethal Sharks is now a close family for all old style players and old sharks who miss this kind of old-style guild. I am deeply proud to have leaded it for many years, and I am proud of Procain courage and work with all other Officers.

    Sharks lives matter, love you :*


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    Happy Birthday Sharks! Thanks to both old and new members we have definitely stood the test of time, I'm proud to be part of such a fabulous and caring group
    If you want a chill place to enjoy playing we're exactly what you're looking for.

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