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Thread: Make wings to have their own slot!

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    Default Make wings to have their own slot!

    Hi! i have noticed thet alot of players have suggests to make wings their own slot and i was thinkin is should have his own post abuot the subject i think thet is just a waste to use it as a vainty vest and should have his own slot becuz:
    1.they have room for the slot so is wont be a problem to make his own slot for it
    2.wings r diffrent frome vainty vest since vainty vest hides the armor and well the wings... not relly
    3.devs working so herd on the wings but most players not using them cuz they dont maching most armors
    4.wings got a uniq look and looking like a diffrent itime then vainty vest as well they probely be added to every event frome now on so why shouldent they have their own slot?
    5.wings can look so good on almost every vainty

    Im sure theres even more reasons (and im sory my english is bad )
    So let me know what u guys think abuot it and feel free to add more reason!

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    Agree.Wings should have different slot.Seems like more type of wings coming so additional slot for wings is a good idea.

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