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Thread: Kronos Divine PVP Videos 13-14

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    its funny cuz if i recall correctly,

    ***Nvm told me back then when arc hooks lv16s wasnt a thing yet***

    “Dude get over it, it’s just 1 lvl, all that para and you still cry over 1 lvl”

    Soon as belts and arc hooks came, they all ran off like roaches chased by lil kids with raid cans 😂😂😂

    this time im the one using their own line and off they go. 😂😂😂 satty is nowhere to be found as well as most of the rogues and c#cky tanks. all ran.

    we faced them again in 44s and guess what. LOST 2 out of 3 matches. only won once and thats when im not even playing. 😂😂😂

    cznt aka biabecida beat yall. mf dont even have planar amulet 😂😂😂

    yall aint better. yall just relied heavily on that +1 level and when we were about to do the same thing that yall been doing for ages, yall ran.
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