Sup Legends!

So as we all know, the jewel system is pretty exhausting at the moment... Jewels don't nearly compare to the gems we had before but here's an idea to make them even better than gems ever were before.

Make a new Daily Bard storyline that sends you to tombs that have a cool throwback to season 4, through the Bard in Nordr (correct me if I'm wrong on season...), and have it revolve around crafting. And it must be big. The best part - it can be released in segments.

The first release should have a set of 3 tombs that adds a "jewel mastery" to your character, and you must complete the tombs in order. The first tomb should require about 5 hours of gameplay, and should involve crafting the simple jewels (nature, water, & diamond), while farming essence-like ingredients associated with each level of jewel crafting (cracked, damaged, weak, etc.). Upon completion of these quests, you will be able to craft these simple jewels, while adding a suffix to each one (i.e. "nature jewel of tactics, water jewel of warfare, diamond jewel of will, etc.).

The second release of tombs would take it even deeper, and allow you to craft the second tier of jewels (lightning & chaos). Following the same premise as the first release, these tombs would allow you to craft these jewels with a suffix of your choice, each including different ingredients that you can farm, or purchase from a vendor with some form of currency exclusive to these tombs. Heck, maybe even use Story Tokens (Lord knows some of us have plenty of those stocked up).

The 3rd release would involve tombs that are class-specific (warriors running with warriors, rogues with rogues, etc). Build these tombs in a way that forces these classes to utilize their individual strengths, and make the average run time 15 to 20 minutes (like Planar 3 when it was first released). As each player continues to learn more about his/her class, they reach higher tiers of jewel mastery, allowing them to craft even more potent jewels that increase their primary stat. At the highest tier, you're granted a vanity set with a helm, armor, weapon, and banner, and the title "Legend of Lore".

Optional release -
Would have different questlines that allow you to make cross versions of the primary jewels, like a primary jewel that has an armor buff, and even primary jewels that add secondary stats (like tarlok gems).

- The numbers -

First tier jewels with suffixes should require one simple jewel of any level, along with one farmable ingredient of the same level (cracked jewel with lowest level essence, and up from there).

Essences compound in higher levels just as jewels do. You must have 3 essences of the same level in order to combine into a stronger essence.

Second tier of jewels should require one chaos or lightning jewel, two essences of the same level, and ten somewhat easy-to-obtain ingredients that are specific to a range of suffixes.

For the third release, the first tier of jewel mastery would be achieved by completing the previous tombs, and the tiers after that would be reached by running repeatable quests in each tomb, each tier requiring more and more time spent running each one.

1st tier of upgraded jewels should require one primary jewel and 3 essences of the same level.

2nd tier should require a Standard or higher primary jewel and 6 essences.

3rd tier should require an Excellent or higher primary jewel, and 12 essences.

Final tier should require a Superb or higher primary jewel, along with a water, nature, and diamond jewel at the same level, and 15 essences.

Sorry for the long post... Got pretty into the idea. This new jewel aspect to the game needs more depth!!