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    Default Enemy Mine

    Enemy Mine is a guild who represents all. No matter if you are in
    our guild or not. We respect our members opinions. Cause that of
    all matters to us all.

    My officers and I are here to assist anybody. No matter if you are
    a member. Or not a member of our guild. We're here to prove to
    everyone that we ARE here to stay. And that recruiting is happening
    right now.

    Your's Truly;
    The Guild Master Of Enemy Mine

    What We Can Offer
    - Full access to our tier #3. With discount stimpacks and other stuff.
    - Assistance from members to do "Exp" runs & quest.
    - The proper respect and loyalty to all our members.

    I know it's not much. It's the best that we can do for now.

    How to become an officer of Enemy Mine
    For starters, my members must be level 24. Must have been assisting our
    members for weeks time. Helping our members by asking if they need any
    help. Or by showing up at a members location in the game without thinking
    about it. And must follow the following rules:

    1. Each officer must remain active in the guild.
    2. Must be EXTREMELY helpful and respectful to all our members.
    3. To help the recruitment process to increase our guild flow of more
    4. To even assist those outside our guild. So they know and also to
    understand that our guild is there for them.

    How can a person like me join your guild?
    Simple. The best two ways anybody can join is:
    - Leave your in game name for star legends under a new post here.
    - Or add my IGN ( Eviction ) as a friend. And pm me about my post
    here. And that you would like to join our guild.

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    quest runs lololol

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    Lmao ive seen this guy in a random base and hes lvl 24 lmfao GL with ur guild


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