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Thread: Is Ripmaw Still An Effective Pve Tank Buy?

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    Question Is Ripmaw Still An Effective Pve Tank Buy?

    Ripmaw gives 15str....only...
    We get twice the str from hazel (30str correct me if I'm wrong) and hazel is only 2-5k gold...
    I'm asking your opinions on this remembering that it's for a pve tank if NOT what is the best inexpensive pet

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    Well ripmaw stun mobs for what i know ( i don't have this pet) i have self a tank and i never used it. Also nobody told me to buy. If you wanna mythic pet for tank get abaddon then. My friend have him and its great. Yeah you need also look at stats.
    Hazel vs ripmaw.
    Hazel win


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