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Thread: <Just> a PvP Guild

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    Default <Just> a PvP Guild

    A new PvP guild created by me (ZedMasterGuy, ZedStomps) for L.15-27

    <Justified> was taken so I created the guild <Just> for short.

    This is a guild created to form a stronger community in the L15-27 area. We are mainly focused on PvP and we help each other out and build friendships. We generally don't rush for no reason. If you trash talked us or rushed us in the past, we will hunt/team/kill. Please note that we play this game for fun and don't actually take it seriously, we <Just> like to beat the poor *** lookin' *** new gen narbs. Note that rushing other guildies is NOT allowed! We play and help each other when in need.

    <Just> memes are very common, we are only accepting good players. Generally if you fail a test to join we will give out a message similar to this:
    "I guess this <Just> ain't the guild for you!"

    We generally test players to make sure you are good enough to join our guild. We only recruit good pvpers because we need to ensure that every member will be able to take on 3v3s against other players/guilds. Since I'm a YouTuber and a guild master, I get rushed A LOT. So be prepared to take on 2v3s or fight against higher level characters.

    NOTE that this is NOT a rushing guild, simply <Just> a pro PvP guild.

    This is a new guild and a quick thread with a basic overview of our guild. When we grow and become bigger, I'll post a new "official" thread of <Just>
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    Good luck with <Just>
    "Treat others like you want yourself to be treated, time will reflect your doing upon you someday..."

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    Your guild <Just> didn't last long ?

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    I'll join on tenozu

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