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Thread: Winners of the second contest!

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    Default Winners of the second contest!

    Quote Originally Posted by Assault View Post
    Once apon a time, walking down the street their was 4 kids. The frist kids name was "Shuddap" the second "fvckin" the third "shlt" and the last kid was named "manners". Since the one kid "shlt" was overly obsessed with anything black he ran out onto the road to kiss the ground. He ended up kissing a big black truck. So now that "shlt" was grounded "fvckin" ran over to try help him up. "Shuddap" being the smartest of the four friends called the police, while manners watched dumbfounded.
    "What's ur emergency sir" replied the police operator.
    "My friend just got ran over by a car" replied "Shuddap"
    "What's ur name sir? We got officers 10 minutes out" said the operator.
    "Shuddap" replied shuddap
    "Excuse me" said the operator
    "Shuddap" replied shuddap
    "Where your manners sir"! Replied the operator
    "He is watching, while "fvckin" my other friend, who is trying to pick up "shlt", who is right in the middle of the road"
    -ign vume
    Congrats Assault, you are the winner, pm me when you want to retrieve your prize

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    lol when u gonna be on?

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